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Messages of Thanks

PHSA’s provincial specialty health services help to improve the lives and health of people across British Columbia. If someone made a difference for you or your family through one of our agencies, programs or services, here is a chance to thank them.

Please Note: This form is not intended for the purposes of submitting a formal complaint. Please see the Compliment​s & Complaints page for more information.​​​​​



Anonymous1883AnonymousI was uplifted by the professionalism and care paramedics demonstrated when responding to a 911 call for a man who flatlined at Superstore and needed CPR with chest compressions and a defibrillator.22/11/2023 6:56:00 AM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1883
Jasmine 1882Jasmine I was brought to VGH at 1:00am by the most lovely and kind paramedics. I can't remember their names but they were understanding, caring, and polite. Thank you for being amazing!!!13/11/2023 9:12:29 AM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1882
Estelle1881EstelleIt's in times of crisis that a calm voice is so important and my thanks to whomever answered my call on Octobre 31. She advised me and stayed on the line until the ambulance arrived. I wish I could have thanked her personally.09/11/2023 1:36:26 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1881
Estelle1880EstelleOn October 31 mid-morning, I called the Ambulance Service because my husband was unwell. I would appreciate it very much indeed if you would tell Jeff and Mike how much I appreciate and remember how empathetic and efficient they were. They truly are professionals in every sense of the word and I am grateful that my husband, Michael, was attended to by these caring individuals.09/11/2023 1:31:47 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1880
Stefania1879StefaniaI want to express my gratitude to the three paramedics who answered my call last Wednesday and helped me so kindly to give the medical attention I needed. I only remember Sarah's name, but all three were wonderful – very quick, polite, professional and empathetic. When we’re in need and we receive help, the feeling of relief is indescribable. Thank you is not enough!07/11/2023 6:22:49 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1879
Annie248AnnieMy 1 year old daughter was admitted for abscesses that grew in her throat due to an infection. The whole team at BC Children's was thorough and experienced. My daughter had great day, a large team of specialists and professionals looking after her. Both my husband and I trusted this team with her care and very thankful. 02/11/2023 7:59:57 PM
Amanda Beaubien165Amanda BeaubienThank you for being friendly and kind. Janine01/11/2023 11:18:11 PM
Angela1878AngelaMy sincerest gratitude for the dispatcher who took the 911 call when I suffered sudden cardiac arrest in downtown Vancouver on June 13, 2023 . I survived with no side issues and am back at work. My deepest gratitude for the police, the fire department and the paramedics who were close by. I had complete care within less than 10 min which saved my life. Thank You.31/10/2023 9:22:15 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1878
Theresa1877TheresaThank you to the paramedics that attended my client in Goldstream. A young guy and a young woman, both very empathetic and thorough, making my client feel safe and secure. 29/10/2023 7:31:39 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1877

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