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Messages of Thanks

PHSA’s provincial specialty health services help to improve the lives and health of people across British Columbia. If someone made a difference for you or your family through one of our agencies, programs or services, here is a chance to thank them.

Please Note: This form is not intended for the purposes of submitting a formal complaint. Please see the Compliment​s & Complaints page for more information.​​​​​



Elizabeth1186ElizabethI wanted to express immense gratitude to the paramedics, Glen and Anne, who were so proficient and careful when assisting me with my dislocated shoulder. I was a mess, crying my eyes out, but they took care of me from my place all the way to VGH Emergency where they stayed even longer than necessary to ensure I was looked after. I adore you both. Thank you!!!19/03/2018 9:20:32 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1186
Allison58AllisonI just wanted to thank Nurse E for the excellent level of care that I received. I was in to have a D&C and the process was very emotional for me. Nurse E was exceptional. She treated me with the utmost care and respect. Thank you for the much needed hug and for making me feel safe. 14/03/2018 9:19:00 PM
Xin57XinHello, I wanted to thank everyone who helped and treated me. Firstly, thank you EPAC staff, especially nurse Paula, who is so considerate and gentle. Counsellor Monica took the time to listen and offered me much-needed professional opinion. I especially want to thank nurse Erica. Nurse Erica took such good care of me, like a sister. I am also very thankful to Dr. Fisherman, Sue and others. Thank you all!10/03/2018 1:56:04 AM
Alison1185AlisonI would like to sincerely extend my gratitude and thanks to the dispatcher on the phone with the theatre manager, and the BCEHS paramedics who took great care of me in Vancouver on March 6th when I unexpectedly collapsed. The exceptional professionalism and quality of care I received was fantastic. Many thanks to all!07/03/2018 7:52:23 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1185
Roger56RogerMy daughter and newly born grandson spent over 3 months last year in BC Women's Hospital NICU. The care my grandson received was excellent and the staff, from nurses, to doctors, to social workers and general floor staff were all all exceptional. The team would include my daughter, son-in-law, my wife and I (grandparents from Ontario) in the discussions during the rounds, which was appreciated. 06/03/2018 12:10:18 AM
Elaine 1184Elaine We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the dispatcher who assisted my husband in delivering our daughter on our laundry room floor early January 1. Your calming nature and professionalism afforded our family the opportunity to create a memory that we would have never anticipated. Thank you for choosing to serve your community in such a selfless way and for ensuring Hallie arrived safely.05/03/2018 6:23:23 PM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1184
Anonymous1182AnonymousMy mother was a bus passenger involved in that scary accident on Hwy 5 by Hope, BC on February 25th. She had minor injuries and was very concerned for the passengers of the overturned bus. She said that a paramedic with a name tag "Pete" was in constant contact with the passengers on her bus, and was calmly directing the other paramedics in a "symphony of efficiency." Thank-you to all!01/03/2018 5:18:29 AM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1182
Cassandra1180CassandraI would like to thank the paramedics and ambulance personnel for your help on the 30th of January. I had a really bad allergic reaction to a heartburn medicine, and with all your help I was able to recover faster when I got to the hospital. Your kindness and caring made me feel safe. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart - exceptional job.26/02/2018 3:58:22 AM a Paramedic/DispForm.aspx?ID=1180
Rachel55RachelHello! I went in for a minor surgery last week and wanted to submit a thank you to the wonderful staff that did the procedure. Dr. Allaire, Dr. Cho, nurses Yumi and Kaitlin, and anesthesiologist Irina were all so lovely and reassuring. Thank you all for making my first surgery go so smoothly! 18/02/2018 8:35:21 PM

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