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Post-COVID Research

Research is one of the main pillars of the Post-COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network (PC-ICCN).

The Network coordinates patient-oriented research that leads to rapid learning and data-sharing to improve care. Our researchers represent diverse areas of health-care expertise and are actively doing research to support communities throughout B.C. and Canada.

Research collaborations

Research is a critical component of delivering optimum, patient-centered care; that’s why the Post-COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network is looking to support researchers studying long COVID. Throughout the pandemic, thousands of patients have been registered for support with the PC-ICCN. The Network has been collecting data from all of these patients to support care and to learn more about long COVID.

If you are a researcher who is looking to contribute to patient-centered research, email or complete our research intake form.

Research Intake Form (PDF)

Sample of current research projects

Listed by principal investigator:

Coping with Post-COVID Syndrome in BC

Kaylee Byers
The goal of this research project is to explore the multidimensional impacts of long COVID on the lives of patients and their caregivers.

Rehabilitation Service Capacity for COVID-19 

Pat Camp
The goal of this research study is to understand the capacity of rehabilitation services to provide care to adults with long COVID, in order to propose a long COVID rehabilitation care model and plan for the delivery of these services.

Coping with Post-COVID Syndrome in BC

Kathryn Milne
This study is investigating the reasons for persistent shortness of breath during exercise in people who have had COVID-19 infection. Our study uses lung function testing and advanced cardiopulmonary exercise testing to better understand the reasons for this symptom following COVID-19.

Consent to Contact Registry Database Lost Productivity Study 

Hiten Naik
This study will investigate the impact of long COVID on the ability to work. 

Post COVID Recovery Clinic Lost Productivity Study 

Hiten Naik
This study will investigate how we can help individuals with long COVID to return-to-work and be productive at work. 

Psychiatric symptoms and mental health care access in Post-COVID Condition

Hiten Naik
This study will investigate how common mental health symptoms are in long COVID, and whether those with long COVID have been able to get help for their mental health.

Investigating relationships between neurocognitive symptoms of COVID-19, psychosocial and health factors

Theone Paterson and Kristina Gicas
This study will look at the impacts of COVID-19 on cognitive functioning. You can learn more about this study from this video


Long COVID Web

Long COVID Web is a pan-Canadian post COVID-19 condition research network that is supported by a $20 million investment from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Dr. Adeera Levin, the provincial lead of PC-ICCN, is one of four co-leads of this national network.

Dr. Levin and the other network leads will work with more than 300 researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience of COVID-19, partners and representatives from Indigenous communities across the country to develop accurate diagnostics, treatments, and rehabilitation strategies for long COVID. This work will deliver real and lasting improvements in the lives of people living with long COVID through evidence-based and standardized clinical practices that will reduce the socioeconomic impact of this disability.


The researchers propose to develop a Canada-wide, adaptive randomized clinical platform trial to assess the effectiveness of various interventions in patients with lingering symptoms of COVID-19 ("Long COVID"). Participants will be randomized initially to 1 of 3 arms, including placebo (control) and 2 interventions. Because this is an adaptive trial, arms can be dropped if found to be ineffective and new arms can be added. 

Interventions will last for 2 months and participants will be followed for an additional 4 months (6 months total). Approximately 800-1000 patients with Long COVID will be recruited across Canada. Results from this trial will accelerate the availability of high-quality, real-time evidence and solutions to enable Canada to improve the clinical care of patients with Long COVID. 

For more information, visit

Long COVID Patient Experience Project

To complement its clinically-based research efforts, PC-ICCN is a partner in the Long COVID Patient Experience Project ( The Long COVID Patient Experience Project was developed to connect people living with long COVID and health researchers to learn together about the impacts of long COVID.

The Post-COVID Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network is supporting the project by reviewing proposals from researcher(s) who want to access the data collected through the Project. Researchers with questions about their research proposals related to the Long COVID Patient Experience Project should contact


If you have any questions or feedback, email

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