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Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers some of the most common inquiries received by the CareConnect deployment team.

What is the difference between the my.CareConnect Portal and CareConnect?

The my.CareConnect Portal is used for registration and user account management. CareConnect is the direct patient portal from which you can view patients' medical records.

Who is eligible to access CareConnect in the community (non-health authority) setting?

At present, the professions that are eligible to request CareConnect access can be found on the Community-Based Access page. The CareConnect team is continuously working with the Ministry of Health to extend eligibility to more community-based user groups across the province.

Please contact if you are unsure of your eligibility.

What kind of clinical data can I access via CareConnect?

A summary of the clinical data available in CareConnect can be found in the Clinical Data Available section. However, access is provided on a need-to-know, least privilege basis, taking account of clinical responsibilities/function and clinical settings.

Please see the Privacy & Security page for more details.

Can I access CareConnect from my home office or only from my worksite?

CareConnect access is set up and audited on a worksite-specific basis. In complying with the Ministry of Health guidelines, CareConnect has released a remote access policy, which allows access to a location outside of an approved community practice site (e.g. from home). At this time, only physicians and nurse practitioners can be granted remote access through their home offices after they have been provisioned with access through their physical worksite.

If you are a physician or nurse practitioner who is having challenges accessing CareConnect remotely, please contact

What is the order of steps required to register a community-based worksite or practitioner for CareConnect access?

Please refer to the How to Request Access to CareConnect for Community-Based Users page.

I already have access to CareConnect within the health authority and can access remotely via my worksite. Why do I need to request access for my community-based worksite?

Even though you may already have a CareConnect account set up from a health authority, that access is to support your duties within that setting. To support privacy and security polices, you are required to request separate access at the community-based worksite as each private practice clinic and service delivery organizations outside the Health Authority as they are separate entities and are responsible for their own privacy & security policies, procedures and safeguards.

When setting up Community-based access, it is recommended that you create a separate HxBC account to ensure that proper privacy & security guidelines and auditing are in place.

If you would like more information about accessing CareConnect through your health authority, please see the health authority access section.

I am currently a resident physician. Am I allowed to enrol for CareConnect access?

Yes. A community-based resident can be sponsored to access CareConnect via an authorizer (i.e., a physician who is already enrolled for CareConnect access). They will be designated as an ‘on-behalf-of’ user. The residency start and end dates will have to be provided.

NOTE: If you are a resident employed within a health authority, please contact

I am currently a locum for another healthcare provider. Am I allowed to enrol for CareConnect access?

Yes. A community-based physician can work as a locum for another physician. However, locums are seen as independent users and should complete the same registration steps as any other practitioner. The group/site administrator can invite the locum to join by email or by providing them with the worksite ID. The group/site administrator is responsible for decommissioning the user once their locum has completed.

Why are pharmacists ineligible for PharmaNet access through CareConnect?

Pharmacists are presently ineligible for PharmaNet access through CareConnect as per the designation order (DO). This DO is an authoritative document issued by the Ministry of Health to the Provincial Health Services Authority. For more detailed information, please visit their website.

Why is the BC Services card required to register for or access CareConnect? 
As per Ministry of Health guidelines, Community-Based CareConnect users must use a dual-factor authenticator to access CareConnect. Users will be prompted to download the BC Services Card app on their mobile device to verify their ID for authentication to access CareConnect. This dual-factor authentication step is required to protect the sensitive patient data that can be viewed using CareConnect and to ensure only authorized users can gain access.

NOTE: The CareConnect team does not have access to any personal information that the Ministry of Health collects from you. We are not able to approve or bypass any of the steps required to attain this Provincial ID. For more information, please see the Privacy Statement published on the BC Services Card website. 

How Can I set up a BC Services Card Account 
For detailed instructions on how to setup your BC Service Card Account please visit the BC Services Card Account – How to Setup website

What do I do if I see “BC Services Card is Out of Sync”  
This error is due to an issue with your BC Services Card App. If you encounter this error message when you attempt to log in with your BC Services Card, please contact:

Service BC Help Desk:

Open Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays)

7:30 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time

8:30 am to 6 pm Mountain Time

  • 1-888-356-2741 (Canada and USA toll free)
  • 604-660-2355 (Within Lower Mainland or outside Canada and USA)

Who should become a Group / Site Administrator? 
It is recommended that the office/clinic manager or lead healthcare practitioner is designated as the group/site administrator for your organization. While admin staff (i.e., an MOA) can fill out the worksite registration form, they still need to ensure that the Privacy & Security Declaration is completed by an individual who has signing authority for the worksite. 

This person is ultimately responsible for CareConnect use and can legally bind the organization to the terms outlined in the Privacy & Security Declaration form. However, more than one person can be designated as a Group/ Site Administrator once the worksite is created. This enables multiple users to assist with managing user access and administration.

I understand that the first person who creates a worksite becomes the default Group / Site Administrator. What if the wrong staff member is designated in this role? 
The current Group / Site Administrator can be reassigned to someone else through the portal. 

Please refer to the How to Invite and Manage Users as a Group / Site Administrator guide for detailed instructions.

I am currently the only Group / Site Administrator at my worksite. What happens if I leave my role/job? 
A worksite can have multiple site administrators, however at least one must be designated at all times, or all users will lose access to CareConnect. A new staff member at the worksite must be designated as the new Group / Site Administrator before the current one leaves their role. 

Please refer to the How to Invite and Manage Users as a Group / Site Administrator guide for detailed instructions.

Can I obtain CareConnect access at more than one location? 
Yes. If one has already completed all of their user enrolment steps and is approved for access, they can easily request access to another worksite. 

To invite a user to join an existing worksite, please refer to the

Please refer to the How to Register an Individual User for CareConnect Access guide for detailed instructions. 

I’ve already signed off on agreements and completed training as part of my Health Authority access. Why do I need to complete a Privacy & Security Declaration for my worksite? 
The process of registering for CareConnect access from a community-based worksite is different than registering as a health authority employee. This is because private practice and community-based worksites are responsible for managing their own network and ensuring that the worksite itself has appropriate policies, procedures and safeguards in place to provide secure CareConnect access to their staff.  

The Privacy & Security Declaration must be completed by an individual with signing authority for your worksite before the worksite can be approved. Individual users must also complete all the registration steps prior to being granted access to the CareConnect eHealth viewer.

Antivirus for Privacy and Security Declaration

Before your worksite can be approved for CareConnect access, an individual authorized to sign must fill out the Privacy & Security Declaration. Additionally, a screenshot of your worksite's active Antivirus must also be submitted.

Please refer to the How to Provide Antivirus Screenshot for CareConnect Access guide for detailed instructions.

I am trying to register for CareConnect. Where do I find my Worksite ID? 

Contact your Site Administrator. This is the person who registered your worksite for CareConnect and they will be able to provide you with the worksite ID code to join. Alternatively, you can look up your worksite by address.

Please refer to  the How to Register an Individual User for CareConnect Access guide for detailed instructions.

What if I work at multiple worksites? Do I have to register for CareConnect for each location?  
Yes, CareConnect is location specific so you must register for each worksite that you will be accessing patient data for.  If you are already registered for CareConnect access, you can simply submit a request to join additional existing worksites through the portal.

Please refer to the How to Register an Individual User for CareConnect Access guide for detailed instructions.  

Alternatively, a Group/Site Administrator can invite you to join their worksite via email. Refer to the How to Invite and Manage Users as a Group / Site Administrator guide for detailed instructions.
What is the difference between an Authorizer and the Group / Site administrator?   
An Authorizer is a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Registered Nurse that can approve employees to work on their behalf. A Group / Site administrator is responsible for the my.careconnect worksite administration. An authorizer can be the Group / Worksite administrator but not necessarily vice versa.  

What happens if an On-Behalf-Of User does not have an Authorizer to sponsor their CareConnect access? 
The On-Behalf-Of User can join an existing Worksite in the my.CareConnect portal. However, they would only be approved to access the CareConnect eHealth Viewer once an Authorized professional from their worksite has agreed to sponsor them. 

Please refer to the How to Register an Individual User for CareConnect Access guide for detailed instructions.
I am an MOA and my worksite’s only physician is too busy and needs me to enrol for CareConnect access. Would I be able to do so? 
No. A worksite requires either a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Registered Nurse to be fully enrolled before any On-Behalf-Of users (such as MOAs) can be approved for CareConnect access. 

My worksite needs PharmaNet access. Do I just fill out an online form? 
The worksite needs to be enrolled for CareConnect access before PharmaNet access can be processed. The CareConnect team will email a set of enrolment instructions that are outlined on PRIME’s website. Similar to CareConnect access, a worksite needs to approved for PharmaNet access before a user can be approved and provisioned with PharmaNet access.  

To apply for PharmaNet access within CareConnect for your worksite, please visit the PharmaNet website. If you are looking to request PharmaNet access outside of CareConnect, please visit the PharmaNet Enrolment Page.  

I have submitted all of my registration requirements. Will I get CareConnect access right away? 
Once all registration requirements have been received by the CareConnect team, a turnaround period of 5-7 business days will be needed to process a user’s access request. A welcome package will be subsequently emailed with instructions on how to access the CareConnect eHealth Viewer to support direct patient care.
The my.CareConnect Portal is down. How do I access the CareConnect eHealth viewer to support direct patient care?
The my.CareConnect Portal is primarily used for worksite and user registration, but a link to the Direct Patient Portal can be found on the landing page. Even if the page is down, registered users will still be able to access the CareConnect eHealth Viewer via ( AND via your EMR (if rapid access is enabled). If you are having challenges accessing CareConnect, please contact

What platforms can I use to access CareConnect? 
When using CareConnect, you should be using either a MAC or PC desktop or laptop computer.  The use of smart phones or tablet style computers is not available.  

What is EMR integration/CareConnect rapid access button?
A CareConnect ‘Rapid Access’ button is available through certain Electronic Medical Record (EMR)s.  Rapid Access from your EMR allows you to open the patient’s profile on CareConnect directly through your EMR with a single click.   

To find out if Rapid Access is available through your EMR, please see the Community-Based Internet Access & EMR Integration page.  If Rapid Access is available, please contact your EMR Vendor to get it enabled in your system.   

Does my Profession determine the type of content I can access on the CareConnect eHealth Viewer platform? 
In compliance with Ministry of Health directives, CareConnect uses a role-based access model to ensure that each user can access the clinical information they need to do their job, but cannot access the information they do not need.   

Each CareConnect business role is made up of two components:  
  1. Roles Context: The type of service/clinical setting in which the user works (e.g., Emergency Services, Community Services) 
  2. Functional Description: The functional role of the user, (i.e., what the user does (e.g., prescriber, clinical support staff)). 
For more information on Role-Based Access, visit the Privacy & Security page.

Why can I not upload directly into CareConnect?
CareConnect is a view only application. 

Why can I not see diagnostic images? 
Currently, diagnostic images are not viewable within CareConnect in community-based settings due to security, technology and privacy constraints. However, diagnostic reports are viewable in Community-based settings.

I used to be enrolled in CareConnect with my Health Authority account, but it was recently disabled. How can I regain access?
If you would like more information about accessing CareConnect through your Health Authority, please see the Health Authority Access section located here.
What is the HPCAA and which users need to complete it? 
The Health Professional CareConnect Access Agreement (HPCAA) outlines the terms and conditions which govern your access to patient personal information through CareConnect.  It sets out the legal obligations that you assume as a CareConnect user, as well as PHSA’s powers with respect to managing your access.  The purpose of the Access Agreement is to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  

Physicians, Residents, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Pharmacists and Social Workers are required to sign the HPCAA in order to be provisioned with access to CareConnect.

What would be considered a privacy breach? 
  • ‎A privacy breach occurs when someone's privacy and confidentiality have been compromised.  
  • Breaches include intentional and unauthorized access to, use, and/or disclosure of personal information.  
  • An example would be accessing personal information via CareConnect that you do not need to know to do your job, such as information on your family, friends or colleagues. 
  • Confirmed breaches of confidentiality will result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal of access permissions and termination.
To find out more information about privacy and security please contact:
What do I do if my worksite is closing down soon? 
If your worksite is planning to close soon, please contact  

My worksite has an operating name change. Can I just update it on the portal? 
The Group / Site Administrator will be able to perform this update by clicking on the Update/Review Worksite button under the Worksite Access section of the main menu of the portal. The Edit Worksite tab can be then selected to perform this update.  

A user at my worksite keeps getting an “Access Denied” or “Authentication Error” message when trying to log in.  
This error means that a user has not been provisioned with access to CareConnect.  Each user looking to gain access to CareConnect needs to complete all the user enrolment steps.  Please refer to the How to Request Access page to ensure that you have completed all of the user enrolment steps. 

NOTE: Once access to CareConnect is provisioned, a user will receive a Welcome Package from our enrolment team which contains instructions on how to access CareConnect.  If you have received a Welcome Package from our team, and you are still unable to access CareConnect, please email us at  

If you are inquiring about the status of your application, please email us at

What happens if I need to reset my password? 
You can use the my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal to reset your HxBC account. Log into and navigate to Manage My Account / Preferences > Reset My PasswordCareConnect requires a password reset every 60-90 days
Health Authority account passwords can be reset here.  If you have issues resetting your Health Authority password, please contact

Can an active worksite have its CareConnect access suspended?
Protecting patient privacy is a top priority for the CareConnect team.  Security measures and privacy policies and procedures are designed to ensure only authorized healthcare professionals have access to clinical information.   

The CareConnect audit team may review worksite or user access for inappropriate access, which may result in access being suspended.

For more information about our privacy and security polices, please contact the PHSA eHealth Privacy Office:

I registered the wrong profession. Am I able to correct this in the Portal? 
No, users are unable to make a  profession change in the my.CareConnect Portal. Email with your current profession and the associated College IDs, and the CareConnect team will verify and update your credentials.   

What does No Clinical Apps (Service Card Registration Only) mean when registering my worksite?  
You will select this location type when registering your worksite for the purpose of registering your BC Services Card.  You will not be able to apply for CareConnect Access to support direct patient care when selecting this option.  

What should I do if I have a name change?  
CareConnect verifies a user against the name on their BC Services Card and matches it against their professional college or association.  If your college licence shows a different name that the one on your BC Services card, please enter it under “Preferred Name.” 

You are able to make changes to your “Preferred Name” by logging into and navigating to Manage my Account > Update My Contact Information.
Where do I find my Worksite ID? 
In, the Worksite ID is found on the Worksite Location Information page, and is made up of seven alphanumeric characters. The Worksite ID can also be found on all email notifications sent to users from the my.CareConnect Portal.  

Someone at my worksite is going on leave. What should I do?  
The Group / Site Administrator can inactivate members. Log into, navigate to Update Review\Worksite, and choose the user(s) to inactivate. This will inactivate the user and prevent them from accessing CareConnect from your worksite.   

If you have suggestions for questions that should be added to this page, please email

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