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Clinical Practice-Focused

Virtual health best practices that support developing essential interpersonal attributes.

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Virtual health competencies

The Virtual Health Competency Framework serves as a foundational resource to complement existing practice and professional clinical standards and resources. It is a flexible, practical framework that can be applied across diverse clinical settings and roles in Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA).

Access the Virtual Health Competency Framework here.

Our online survey is now closed!  Thank you for participating!  Prize winners will be published shortly.  Check out the Virtual Health Competency Framework here.  
There is still time to participate in our focus groups! Whether you are a novice or experienced virtual care clinician, we want to hear from you!
Click here to participate in a 90-minute virtual focus group in the coming weeks. Your engagement will deepen our understanding of the virtual care professional development and practice needs within your area of practice. Focus group participants will be entered for a chance to win one of three prize packages. Each prize package includes a copy of the book White Benevolence, and your choice of a coffee or tea beverage set.

Your engagement improves virtual health practice at PHSA!  Thank you!

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Virtual health practice course

The purpose of this course is to help you increase awareness of practice considerations as it relates to virtual health. An interactive and self-paced online course that aims to support clinicians' competencies so they can provide equitable and culturally safe virtual health care. Perfect for those who work in the clinical environment within PHSA and beyond as part of professional development and onboarding.

For a course completion certificate, take the Intro to Virtual Health Practice Course on the LearningHub.

Don’t need a certificate – or don’t have a LearningHub account? You can quickly access the course with this one-click link.

Also access these additional resources:

Want to learn more about the difference this course has made? Read the article on POD, including five key takeaways from our health care and patient partners who have already taken the course.

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Virtual Health Visit Checklist for Clinicians

In our commitment to address historical systemic racism in our organizations, Provincial Virtual Health encourages staff to apply trauma awareness, cultural humility, and harm reduction in virtual health practice. This is a tool that helps support you in that commitment.

Access the Virtual Health Visit Checklist (PDF).

Staff & clinicians

Practice_education_ Practice course banner.pngVirtual Health Practice Course 

In the context of this course, we will introduce some key practice considerations as it relates to virtual health. This includes how one engages, thinks about and delivers virtual care safely and appropriately in a clinical setting.

 Link to course coming soon.

Practice_education_Virtual Health Competencies banner.pngVirtual Health Competencies

A foundational practice resource that can support all PHSA health-care providers to deliver safe, appropriate and effective virtual health.

Learn more here.

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For Your Patients

Questions? Additional suggestions? Email us at

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