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Digital Health Initiatives

To deliver on the B.C. digital health strategy, several key initiatives are underway that align to our strategic objectives.
Learn more about the digital health initiatives below. 

The provincial Digital Referrals & Orders Program introduces provincial platform that enables care teams to electronically exchange, track, and manage referrals, medical order requisitions and advice requests in a more effective and efficient way.   

Visit the Digital Referrals & Orders page for more details. 
The health connect registry launched provincially in July 2023 and combines the Health Connect Registry, hosted by HealthLink BC as well as a provincial provider and clinic rostering system; digitally enabling providers and patients to connect. 

A key component of the province’s Primary Care Action plan to increase patient and provider attachment across B.C. The remainder of 2023 is dedicated to  collaborating with key partners to refine the Provincial Attachment System (PAS) including looking at operational sustainability.  
Health Gateway is the provincial patient portal that provides BC residents secure and convenient access to their health information.
The province continues to work closely with cross-sector health partners, patients, and caregivers to ensure British Columbians are supported and empowered to be active participants in their health journey through safe and equitable access to their personal health records, information, and relevant services.
Health Gateway continues to be a reference example of digital transformation in government and responsive to Digital Plan 2023 priorities for British Columbians.
Visit Health Gateway for more details.
This set of integrated tools and mobile applications will enable care providers and patients to interact with health information whenever and wherever they need it. 

Visit the Health Toolkit page for more details. 

In line with the Ministry of Health’s Health Human Resource (HHR) strategy, the regional health authorities, Providence Health Care and the Provincial Health Services Authority will implement a new Human Capital Management System (HCMS). It will replace existing health authority human resource/pay systems with a modern platform that will create a better experience for employees from recruitment to retirement. 

Existing applications across the province will be replaced with a single, modern, integrated solution that will improve accountability, performance management, evaluation, and timely and accurate workforce reporting to inform provincial investments and decision making. 

The scope of the HCMS includes:  

  • Core HR (employee and employment record, self-service transactions, job architecture, labour relations, management of benefits, absence, seniority, etc.)

  • Talent (talent acquisition, onboarding, and career lifecycle management, learning, etc.)

  • Payroll (time tracking, employee pay, deductions, tax reporting, etc.)

ImmsBC is the provincial vaccination system for both COVID and Influenza.

Since early 2022, we have launched a new experience that provides a simplified, streamlined approach for clerks and clinicians. 

We are currently in the process of improving citizen facing functionality including allowing the ability to have multiple appointments and improving notifications. 

For health partners, we are working to support the onboarding of long-term care and assisted living facilities and improve inventory functionality to allow for better tracking and reporting of vaccine supplies.
This provincial information gateway will enable clinical systems to “talk to one another," enabling care providers to share patient information in a more secure and streamlined way.   

Visit the Longitudinal Record Access for more details. 
This tool will enable care providers to generate a point-in-time summary using a standardized set of clinical and contextual details about a patient’s health and treatment history that can be used to coordinate care with other members of the care team.   

Visit the Patient Summary for more details. 
New policies and processes that will protect and maintain care provider, health service and clinic location data so that our provincial repository is always up to date. 

Visit the Provider Services and Information Management page for more information. 

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