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May 8, 2024 - my.CareConnect Portal Project

This release includes changes to the Worksite Access and Manage My Account page, the Portal verbiage, and bug fixes within the Portal.

MCCPP Release R1_1.6.5 Support Bulletin (PDF)

January 22, 2024 - my.CareConnect Portal Remediation

This release includes changes to eligible roles to include Social Workers and Registered Psychiatric Nurses as users of CareConnect. Registered Nurses are now authorizers and Licensed Practical Nurses are now independent users. 

MCCPR Release R1_1.6.0 Support Bulletin (PDF)


November 20, 2023 - BC Services Card

Non-photo BC Services cards are now accepted for the CareConnect enrolment process.  

August 20, 2023 - my.CareConnect Portal Remediation

This release includes changes to the Worksite Access and Manage My Account page, portal verbiage, and bug fixes within the portal. 

May 15, 2023 - my.CareConnect Portal Remediation

Password Policy update includes change to the complexity of the password requirements.

MCCPR Release R1_1.2.1 Support Bulletin (PDF)

Apr 17, 2023 - my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal Enhancements

Changes to the user registration page, user-facing email content, portal verbiage, bug fixes, password reset and the Privacy and Security course are now within the my.CareConnect portal. 

  1. There is now the ability to select the correct profession under the "Profession Type," drop-down during user registration.
  2. A maximum of 100 change requests per day per user is now available.
  3. There was an update to the Worksite Apps tab content under the Worksite Access module.
  4. End users are now able to link a new active Health Authority or HxBC account to an existing registration.

Apr 5, 2023 - CareConnect 6.5 Upgrade was Completed 

The CareConnect 6.5 release includes:

  1. New feature! You can now open multiple documents for a single patient in separate tabs by using 'Control + Click' or 'Middle Mouse Wheel Click.'
  2. Encounters domain now has viewed history row shading.
  3. Column relabeling in the Documents and Community Documents domains.
  4. Minor Usability Improvements (e.g. Tooltip added to the Medications domain).
  5. Backend interoperability enhancements.

For more details, please see the PDF bulletin below.

CareConnect Bulletin 6.5 (PDF)

Feb 6, 2023 - my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal Enhancements

New and improved features are now available in the my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal, including integration of the Privacy & Security Training for Community Providers.

Privacy & Security Course is in the Enrolment Portal

  • The Privacy & Security training is now available in the enrolment portal versus in the external Learning Hub application.
  • Now a user has a more streamlined Privacy & Security enrolment step.
  • Privacy and Security Training tile is added to the Application Access page.
  • Privacy and Security Course is embedded in the Privacy and Security Training tile.
  • User must indicate once they have completed Privacy and Security Training.
  • Once the user has indicated they have completed the training the Privacy and Security Training box is marked off on the checklist.
  • The Privacy and Security Training section of the checklist is left incomplete if the user does not indicate they have read the materials.
  • The user can review the privacy and security training course after completing it.
  • The user only needs to complete the course once.


Dec 4, 2022 - my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal Enhancements

Account Registration, worksite enrolment and automated email and portal notifications were all included in this release. For more details please read the mCCPE Release R1_0.0.8 notes below.

Nov 16, 2022 - CareConnect 6.4 Upgrade was Completed

The CareConnect 6.4 release includes:
  1. A usability update that retains the last “Search by:” criteria for patient search
  2. The addition of two BCEHS Community Paramedicine (CP) documents viewable in the Community Documents tab:
    • CP Visit Summary
    • CP Consolidated Report

Oct 19, 2022 - my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal Upgrade Complete

The scheduled upgrade of the my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal is now complete. New and existing CareConnect users can now resume user registration and administration activities by logging into the enhanced portal via

Release notes can be found in the What’s New section, along with detailed User Guides and streamlined steps for How to Request Access to CareConnect for Community-Based Providers. We have also create a new Frequently Asked Questions page to assist users with common inquiries about the CareConnect enrolment process and troubleshooting issues.

The CareConnect eHealth Viewer can also be accessed directly via or via your EMR (if rapid access is enabled).

Sept 22, 2022 – my.CareConnect Enrolment Portal Upgrade Planned for Mid-Oct 2022

A major upgrade of the my.CareConnect enrolment portal is planned for mid-Oct 2022. New user enrolments will be briefly paused from Oct 11-19, 2022 to implement a number of enhancements which will streamline the registration process and improve the user experience.
Existing CareConnect users will still be able to access CareConnect via URL ( AND via their EMR (if rapid access is enabled). Please email our team at if you have any questions or require support.

July 6, 2022 – CareConnect 6.3 Upgrade was Completed

The CareConnect 6.3 release includes backend interoperability enhancements as well as the following updates:

  1. A new “Active” column to identify active MRNs in Registration Information
  2. Alternate row colouring expanded to additional domains for improve readability
  3. New Syngo Cardiology documents from VCH, PHC and PHSA are  viewable in the Documents domain as of May 10, 2022 onwards

For more information, please see the PDF bulletin below.

CareConnect Bulletin 6.3 (PDF)

March 16, 2022 - CareConnect 6.2 Upgrade was Completed

The CareConnect 6.2 release includes:

  1. Usability updates to the Documents section
  2. Documents from BC Children’s Hospital (Non-Routine/Special EEG Reports)
  3. Backend interoperability enhancements

 For more information, please see the PDF bulletin below.

CareConnect Bulletin 6.2 (PDF)


Nov 24, 2021 - CareConnect 6.1 is here!

The CareConnect 6.1 upgrade includes backend interoperability enhancements and updates to the Encounters section. For more information, please see the below bulletin.

CareConnect Bulletin 6.1 (PDF)

Jul 28, 2021 - CareConnect 6.0 is here!

New features are available in the Immunization section which includes the addition of immunization comments from the Provincial Immunization Registry, new icons for comments and alerts, and immunizations details page and more. Click below for more information.

CareConnect Bulletin 6.0 (PDF)


Feb 5, 2020 - CareConnect 5.5 is here!

Immunization records from the Provincial Immunization Registry (PPHIS) are now available in CareConnect! Also in this release, Encounters (ADT) information from Fraser Health Community (FHA-PARIS) are now viewable! See the below bulletin to find out more.


Jun 12, 2019 - CareConnect 5.3 is here!

An enhanced VCHA Intrahealth Profile EMR Summary in Community Documents, addended reports in Imaging and an expandable alerts box are now available in CareConnect. See the latest bulletin below to find out more.

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