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Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group

The Provincial Laboratory Medicine Services discipline of transfusion medicine stewards development and delivery of transfusion medicine services in British Columbia.

Transfusion services include testing patient samples, inventorying and selecting products, compatibility-testing blood components' suitability for patients, and managing patients with adverse effects of transfusion.

Blood transfusions are an essential part of patient care. Transfusion is the transfer of blood, its components, or products from one person (donor) into another person's bloodstream (recipient). Every year in B.C., thousands of patients receive hundreds of thousands of units of blood products.

TMAG was established in 1999, and comprises subject matter experts representing various perspectives of transfusion medicine from all B.C. health authorities. TMAG is extensively involved with establishing best practices for transfusion medicine and utilization. TMAG works with the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) to work toward common interests and projects. PBCO is also the secretariat for TMAG.

In 2019, the formation of Provincial Laboratory Medicine Services (PLMS) merged BC’s Agency for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Provincial Blood Coordinating Office, and Lower Mainland Laboratories. This consolidation under one governing body enhances coordination and accountability, empowering PLMS to bolster a strong and adaptable clinical laboratory system across the entire province.

Current TMAG chairs

  • Dr. Thomas Covello, chair
  • Dr. Jennifer Duncan, vice-chair

For a full membership list, visit the PBCO website.

In addition to TMAG, technical and nursing specialist groups were developed to ensure all elements of transfusion medicine were represented. TRG (Technical Resource Group) and NRG (Nursing Resource Group) are also long-standing committees of the PBCO. They provide valuable expertise and help to support implementation of provincial initiatives within their health authorities alongside TMAG.

PBCO medical director

  • Dr. Doug Morrison

PLMS transfusion medicine strategic lead


Visit the Provincial Blood Coordinating Office website for more information.

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