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Medical Biochemistry Advisory Committee (MBAC)

The Provincial Laboratory Medicine Services (PLMS) discipline of medical biochemistry stewards the development and delivery of medical biochemistry services in British Columbia

We achieve this by collaborating with PLMS, the health authorities, private laboratory partners, and the Ministry of Health.

The committee provides expert advice within the context of provincial acute- and community-based service delivery. The committee takes into account safety, appropriateness, effectiveness, legal, social, ethical, and workflow/service delivery impacts as well as the priorities of PLMS, the health authorities, and the Ministry of Health.

The committee:

  • Creates a work plan that aligns with and supports the implementation of the PLMS Strategic Service Delivery Plan/Roadmap.
  • Reviews, evaluates, and makes evidence-based assessments for test and/or guideline inclusion, removal, modification or replacement; taking into consideration Guideline and Protocols Advisory Committee (GPAC) priorities, environmental impact and the Choosing Labs Wisely initiative as appropriate.
  • Reviews relevant laboratory related guidelines and provides feedback on clinical and operational laboratory impact.
  • Receives and responds to specific requests for test review/assessment using stringent evaluation criteria and expert consultation. Advises on the medical necessity (clinical validity and utility) of the test, the analytical validity, and service delivery model options that take into consideration expected volumes and the distribution of patients within BC (i.e. centralized/de-centralized).
  • Provides advice on urgent clinical, technical, operational ,and quality assurance needs.
  • Identifies and fosters discussions on operational and technical quality improvement, utilization/stewardship, environmental sustainability, optimization, and innovation opportunities within the discipline of medical biochemistry to ensure a coordinated provincial delivery approach.
  • Performs environmental scans of the evolving nature of testing, its impact on patient care, and the interests of multiple stakeholders.
  • Provides advice for appropriate testing platforms and technology within the discipline of medical biochemistry.
  • Acts as ambassadors to increase awareness of PLMS.

Committee members

  • Dr. Michael Chen, medical lead and chair
  • Katie Monai, strategic lead and co-chair
  • Dr. Janet Simons, PHC
  • Dr. Andre Mattman, PHC alternate
  • Dr. Catherine Cheng, VCH
  • Dr. Vilte Barakauskas, CW
  • Dr. Kristin Hauff, IHA
  • Dr. Richard Cleve, FHA
  • Dr. Randi Woodbeck, NHA
  • Dr. Joanna Jung, LifeLabs
  • Dr. Romina Reyes, LifeLabs alternate
  • Dr. Nicole White-Al Habeeb, Dynacare/VML
  • Dr. Daniel Holmes, PLMS Analytics/Provincial Toxicology
  • Jennifer Annand, VIHA
  • Elena Norris, IHA
  • Colleen Mulligan, FHA
  • Karen Ng, VCH
  • Corina Daduica, NHA
  • Debbie Dondale, NHA alternate
  • Mark Ularte, PHC
  • Raminder Rai, LifeLabs 
  • Catriona Gano, PLMS
  • Eric Hempel, Ministry of Health

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