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Report an Incident/Injury

PHSA supports all medical staff (contract and non-contract) to report workplace incidents, such as illnesses, injuries, or near misses occurring within a PHSA workplace.

Incidents encompass both physical and psychological harm or with the potential for harm. To make a report:

As a salaried medical staff member (i.e., an employee of PHSA), if you have a work-related injury, incident or near-miss, please do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Seek first aid or medical attention if required.
  2. Report incident to a) your manager/supervisor and b) the Provincial Workplace Health Contact Centre (PWHCC) at 1-866-922-9464 ( any day between 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., including statutory holidays. 
    • Callers outside of these hours, or those who reach voicemail during business hours, are asked to leave a message including: full name, area of work (agency and/or department), a phone number and best time for a return call. Messages are returned as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours, or the following business day.
  3. Participate in an incident follow-up with your manager.
Salaried medical staff can report a workplace injury, exposure or incident, including: allergic reactions; exposures to blood, body fluids or chemicals; acts of aggression or threats; psychological trauma or near misses. 

A PWHCC operator will work with a medical staff member to complete the initial incident report and then send an incident follow-up notification to the appropriate department so that the follow-up can be completed.

For more information please access the PHSA POD page* for injury reporting. 
*medical staff will need to be either on-site or able to access POD remotely to review this page.

A Medical Staff Incident Self-Reporting Tool was launched in January 2024 for contract (i.e. non-salaried) medical staff. This tool empowers contract medical staff to report various workplace incidents, such as illnesses, injuries, or near misses occurring within a PHSA workplace, encompassing both physical and psychological harm or incidents with the potential for harm.

As a contract medical staff member, here’s what you should do if you have a work-related injury, incident or near-miss:

  1. Seek first aid or medical attention, if required
  2. Report the incident by accessing the tool at
The tool was developed by PHSA Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Solutions in partnership with Fraser Health and Doctors of B.C.
Reporting an incident will result in prompt follow-up, which will provide support or resources appropriate for the reported incident. Follow-up will also help determine contributing factors and assess opportunities for improvement. 

In future an incident self-reporting platform will be developed for use by all employees and contractors of every health authority. In the meantime, there are two separate processes for PHSA salaried and contract medical staff.

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