Gender-Affirming Surgeries

Gender-affirming surgeries change primary or secondary sex characteristics so that they correspond with one’s gender identity.

Many trans and gender diverse people are happy with their bodies, or find comfort with their bodies through non-surgical means. Only you can decide whether surgery is right for you. 

Research shows that gender-affirming surgeries may result in:

  • feeling more comfortable and at ease in your body
  • an enhanced ability to be read by others as your gender
  • a more satisfying sex life
  • an ability (with some surgeries) to take a lower dose of hormone therapy, reducing associated risks and unwanted side effects
  • increased safety and comfort in public situations (i.e. when using pools and gyms, interacting with healthcare providers, crossing borders, interacting with police)
  • an improved ability to fit in your preferred style of clothing
  • the ability to stop binding, padding, packing or tucking

Is surgery right for you?

Depending on gender-affirming goals, or choices of what you may or may not feel comfortable doing. Ultimately the choice to pursue gender affirming surgery is up to you. Each person’s relationship to their bodies and journey through accessing gender affirming care is unique.

In exploring if gender-affirming surgery is right for you it will be important to learn about the surgical procedures you may be considering. Expanding your knowledge about surgical procedures is important no matter what surgery a person wants to have and it is necessary to decide if or when having a specific type of gender affirming surgery is right for you. 

Some people decide surgery is not for them, while others may only want one surgery or multiple surgeries depending on their gender-affirming goals. Having surgery does not make anyone more or less trans, however it can be help some people reach their gender-affirming goals, and assist with feelings of gender identity.

What's next after you have decided?

Check out the Surgery Considerations page for further details once you have decided to proceed with surgery. 

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