Surgery Considerations

The choice to pursue gender affirming surgery is up to you. Each person's relationship to their bodies and journey through accessing gender affirming care is unique.

Is surgery right for you?

In exploring if gender-affirming surgery is right for you it will be important to learn about the surgical procedures you may be considering. Expanding your knowledge about surgical procedures is important no matter what surgery a person wants to have and it is necessary to decide if or when having a specific type of gender affirming surgery is right for you. 

Some people decide surgery is not for them, while others may only want one surgery or multiple surgeries depending on their gender-affirming goals. Having surgery does not make anyone more or less trans; however, it can help some people reach their gender-affirming goals, and assist with feelings of gender dysphoria.

Other considerations

Consider what you are hoping for out of your surgery and explore which option may be the best fit for you. All surgeries have different benefits, complications and risks. It is important to figure out what you think is best for your body.

Work with your primary care provider when you are deciding the type of surgeries you may want.

Questions to consider:

  • Are you okay with having visible scars?
  • Is the site of sexual sensation important to you?
  • How many operations are you prepared to have?
  • What level of risk are you willing to accept?
  • Do you have any health issues that may restrict your options?
  • What can you afford to do (in terms of after care costs, time off work, etc.)?

You should also consider your sexual health when deciding on external genital surgery. There are several factors to consider:

  • Do you want to still use your internal genitals (vagina)?
  • Do you want to urinate standing up or sitting down?
  • Do you want to have penetrative sex with your erectile tissue (penis)?

Also consider and discuss reproductive health with your provider should you plan to have children in the future. Find more information on Sexual Health and Reproductive Health.

After you have decided

Find details about different types of surgery on Upper Body Surgeries and Lower Body Surgeries.

For information about the steps to get started, visit How to get surgery.

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