Feminizing Surgeries

Feminizing surgeries are gender-affirming surgical procedures that create physical characteristics reflective of one's gender identity or gender expression.

Funded Surgeries 

  • Breast construction (breast augmentation) is a gender-affirming, feminizing, upper body surgery that creates or enlarges one's breasts.
  • Orchiectomy is a gender affirming lower body surgery that  removes of the gonads( testes) and spermatic cord. It can be done with or without scrotectomy (removal of scrotal sac). 
  • Vaginoplasty is a gender-affirming, feminizing, lower body surgery that creates a vagina and vulva (including a mons, labia, clitoris and urethral opening) and removes and inverts the erectile tissue (penis), gonads (testes) and external genital (scrotal sac).
  • Vulvoplasty is a gender-affirming, lower body surgery that creates the vulva (including mons, labia, clitoris, and urethral opening) and removal of penis, scrotum, and testes. 

Not currently funded

 You may want to consider other feminizing surgeries; however, at this time, these are not currently funded by BC MSP. These surgeries include:

  • Facial feminizing procedures (such as reduction of the Adam's apple, nose feminization, facial bone reduction, face lifts, rejuvenation of the eyelid)
  • Hair reconstruction or restoration
  • Liposuction or lipofilling
  • Vocal feminization surgery

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