How to Inject Hormones

Learn about how to inject hormones and access safer injection supplies.

Here are two new guides to giving yourself intramuscular and subcutaneous hormone injections.

  • Intramuscular injections pamphlet - a guide to giving yourself intramuscular hormone injections by Trans Care BC and BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) Harm Reduction Services.
  • Subcutaneous injections pamphlet - a guide to giving yourself subcutaneous hormone injections by Trans Care BC and BCCDC Harm Reduction Services.
The link below is an external resource designed to help gender diverse individuals and their care providers with hormone injections.

Please note that the dorsogluteal site (i.e. the buttocks) is no longer recommended for intermuscular (IM) injections because of the chance of the needle affecting the sciatic nerve. Instead, many people self-inject into subcutaneous (fat) tissue - it is easier, safer and equally effective. We encourage individuals to speak to their care provider about the injection routes and sites that are best suited for them. If you need help connecting with a knowledgeable care provider, contact Trans Care BC's Health Navigation Team: or 1-866-999-1514. 

Injection Supplies

Injection supplies can be accessed for free through many harm reduction sites across BC. To search for the nearest harm reduction site, go to and follow the instructions below:

  1. Search "hormone injection supplies" for sites that provide safer injection equipment near you.
  2. Then call in advance to ensure they have what is needed. Ask about the following supplies according to the type of injection you do:

Intermuscular (IM) injections

  • Alcohol swabs
  • 18 gauge needles (to draw up the medication)
  • Syringe (ideally 1cc* or 3cc).
  • 22 or 23* gauge needles (to inject), approximately 1 or 1.5 inches long. 
  • Sharps container
  • Little bandages* (if needed).

Sub-cutaneous (Sub-Q) injections

  • Alcohol swabs
  • 18 gauge needles (to draw up the medication)
  • Syringe (ideally 1cc* or 3cc ). 
  • 25, 26 or 27 gauge needles (to inject), approximately 0.5 or 5/8 inches long
  • Sharps container
  • Little bandages* (if needed).
* indicates supplies that are not funded and would need to be purchased out-of-pocket

Hormone Injection Supplies Toolkit 

Trans Care BC is excited to introduce the Hormone Injection Supplies Toolkit, a resource developed by Trans Care BC in collaboration with BC Centre for Disease Control, specifically Toward the Heart and Professionals for Ethical Engagement of Peers (PEEP). 

  • Hormone Injection Supplies Toolkit - This toolkit is intended for harm reduction sites and any organization or program interested in offering hormone injection supplies, and providing inclusive harm reduction services for trans, gender diverse, and Two-Spirit community members.

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