Training Opportunities

The Trans Care BC education team is currently developing online training modules and delivering limited in-person trainings. 

Online trainings

Online trainings

The education team, in collaboration with various stakeholders, is developing online education, resources and toolkits for care providers in BC. 

In time, Trans Care BC will be launching online training modules for care providers working with gender diverse individuals. Trainings will include:

  • Foundational trans cultural safety trainings 

  • Primary care trainings

  • Mental health & well-being trainings

If you would like us to notify you whenever a new online training module or resource becomes available, email the education team and let us know that you would like to be added to the Trans Care BC education email list.

In-person trainings

In-person trainings:

Trans Care BC provides a limited number of in-person trainings available to the following groups:

  1. Senior leadership teams in governments, health care and social service agencies that are able to affect system change.

  2. Indigenous communities looking to raise awareness of, and support for, Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ indigenous people and their families.

  3. Primary care teams (physicians, nurse practitioners and specialists) who can significantly, and directly, increase access to advanced gender-affirming medical care for their clients.

  4. Ministry of Children and Family Development, and Child and Youth Mental Health teams who, at a program level, are willing and able to provide gender-affirming mental health care and support for children, youth and families.

  5. Regional health authorities, non-profits, social service agencies and individuals that have requested train-the-trainer support in an effort to create, or modify, their own trans cultural safety workshops.

If your service, program or group fits within one or more of the categories above, you can request an in-person training by filling out our Education Training Request Form and submitting it to the email address listed within the form.

Due to limited capacity, the Trans Care BC education team is not available to provide stand-alone in-person trans cultural safety trainings (Trans Intro).

Regional in-person trainings:

The Trans Care BC education team recognizes the importance of region-specific training and knowledge, and will continue to work within our means to support this critical work being done by regional health authorities, non-profits, and individuals providing these trainings in their areas of the province.

If you are interested in an in-person trans cultural safety training (Trans Intro) and do not know who to contact, please feel free to Contact Us and we can help you connect with options that may be available for your region.

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