Hair Removal

The presence or absence of hair can be an important part of your gender expression, and hair removal can be a requirement for certain gender-affirming surgeries.

  • Hair removal from the face & body: Estrogen-based hormone therapy has minimal effect on reducing hair growth with many being unsatisfied with the degree of hair reduction. Testosterone-based hormone therapy leads to increased body and facial hair, which you may or may not wish to remove. The presence or absence of hair can be important part of your gender expression.
  • Hair removal for surgery preparation: This is a requirement set by most surgeons for phalloplasty and vaginoplasty procedures. Depending on surgeon and surgical technique used, hair is required to be removed from donor sites for phalloplasty, and the area of the genitals that will become the internal cavity for vaginoplasty. Hair remaining in the neourethra or neovaginal cavity can cause complications post-surgery. It is important to follow instructions and requirements set by your surgeon.  Electrolysis and/or laser hair removal are the only options for permanent hair removal or long-term hair reduction.

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