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We all have a responsibility to ensure our workplaces remain safe and our staff feel safe.

Under an order from the PHO order (PDF), all those employed by PHSA, as well as all students, researchers, fee-for-service/contract physicians, medical staff and all individuals and contractors who work, study or volunteer at our sites, must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have proof of a medical exemption.

For more information about staff vaccination requirements, see the Vaccinations page, or the vaccination FAQs on POD.

Following the guidance of WorkSafe BC, B.C.’s Public Health Officer and our organizational policies and guidelines, we are focusing on supports in the three key areas listed below.

Physical health
As a leader, you are responsible for the health and safety of your team. Please ensure staff know how to keep themselves safe in the workplace.

Workplace safety plans

We are focused on communicable disease prevention at our worksites, as we transition from safety plans through the B.C. Restart Plan.


Designated leads in non-clinical settings have conducted a risk assessment to ensure that:

  1. They have assessed the workplace to identify where the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is present. 
  2. They have selected and put measures in place to minimize the risk of transmission, considering the hierarchy of controls.  
  3. Procedures and guidelines are in place to keep employees safe in adjusted working conditions.
  4. Everyone entering the workplace, including workers from other employers, knows how to keep themselves safe while onsite.
  5. Everyone stays alert for changing conditions and makes updates to procedures as required to ensure safety.
Note: Any measures that require hiring of contractors or consultants to complete, or will incur significant costs to implement, need to be reviewed with Facilities Management and may need to be approved by ELT prior to implementation. 
Ensure your team members are familiar with our workplace strategies to minimize the risk of transmission.

Key safety principles 

  • Personal hygiene: Frequent hand washing, practice cough etiquette, no handshaking. 
  • Stay home if you are sick: Check for symptoms before coming to work and leave work immediately if feeling unwell. 
  • Environmental hygiene: Ensure more frequent cleaning, conduct enhanced surface cleaning in high touch areas, and avoid sharing materials or documents.
  • Safe social interactions: Following the mask policies and guidelines
  • Physical modifications: Ensure appropriate spacing, room design, barriers or plexiglass, movement of people within your spaces.

COVID-19 guidelines & procedures

Please share the following COVID-19 document with your team: COVID-19: Maintaining a Safe and Inclusive Culture 

Download the key safety principles one-page handout to share the information with your team.

Supporting resources

For additional information on minimizing transmission at our workplaces, please review:

If you have any questions, please contact Workplace Health at and/or our nurses supporting the COVID Resource Line at 1-833-875-2155.

Psychological health
As leaders, we want to support employee needs in a systematic way – considering their safety, security and psychological health – with the goal of a renewed, supported and engaged workforce. 

Check in with your team members prior to return/reintegration 

Download the Leaders’ Resource: Employee Readiness Check-in Guide. This is a scripted conversation guide to support your mandatory readiness check-ins with employees returning to the workplace and for employees who have remained at work.

  • The readiness check-in conversation focuses on practical concerns, physical and psychological safety. 
  • Information from your conversation will support planning for a safe reintegration process. 

Register for a leader or team session

Several courses and resources have been developed to support the psychosocial needs of our workforce. 

  • Employee Psychosocial Check-In: Training for Leaders - This 45-minute session will give you a step by step guide to provide a first-line response to staff experiencing psychological distress in the workplace. Register on Learning Hub or request a session for your leadership/management team by emailing
  • Co-existing with COVID-19: Team sessions - Facilitated by Psychological Health and Safety leaders, these didactic and experiential sessions address topics including: Coping with Uncertainty, Connection and Communication, Trauma-Informed Practice: Caring during COVID-19. Leaders and teams can also request specific topics.  Facilitators are also available to provide a general psychosocial ‘check-in’ with your team including access to relevant resources. Request a team session by contacting
  • Resilience in the Workplace - Co-Existing with COVID-19: What is your plan? - Adapted from Resilience@Work, this session covers the seven factors of workplace resilience in the context of co-existing with COVID-19. Participants will identify their strengths and develop strategies for ongoing resilience. This 1.5-hour interactive session is available on Learning Hub or by request to

Supporting resource

Leadership support
As we emerge from our COVID-19 response efforts, one of the most integral first steps we can collectively take as leaders at PHSA is to recognize that we’ve all been through a significant experience. Being able to reflect and learn from this experience can be a game changer—we have the potential to enhance our impact as leaders going forward. 

Register for Co-Existing with COVID-19 Workshop for Leaders

Register for an upcoming Co-Existing with COVID-19 Workshop for Leaders on LearningHub. 

Did you know that 70% of what and how you learn happens from experience? You have learned significant things about yourself, your team, and your operations during this COVID-19 experience: 
  • How are you going to embed this learning and ensure that you come of out of this experience as a more effective leader?
  • How do we turn these lessons into best practice? This leadership workshop will help you achieve this. 

Register today

Learning Bursts: Leading your team

After you’ve taken the Co-Existing with COVID-19 workshop, there are additional courses to support you as you move forward. We’re calling them “Learning Bursts” because they are 45-60 minute sessions to fit into your busy schedule.

Learning burst topics: 

  • Effective Communication
  • Resilience at Work
  • Team Charter
  • GROWing your Coaching Skills
  • Creating your Leadership Guide
  • Building Trust ( ELearning)
  • Introduction to Co-Existing with Covid-19
  • Intentional Conversations
  • Leading Change
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Strategic Planning
  • Experience Cube
  • Conflict Management – Systems & Self
  • Peer to Leader

Please check The PHSA Leadership Academy for upcoming and ongoing Learning Burst offerings. [You must be on the network to follow this link.]

Connect with your Leadership Coach

The Leadership Coaches are part of the Leadership Development team at PHSA. They exist to provide dedicated support to leaders, with a vision to “ignite the passion for leadership.” This can look like a variety of things such as: 
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Facilitating leadership development programs
  • Supporting leaders with their teams
  • Facilitating 360 reviews
  • Supporting our annual processes such as performance management and our talent review/succession planning program. 
Our aim is to be proactive instead of reactive in our leadership support. Each area of PHSA has a dedicated Leadership Coach who is your main point of contact for all the resources we offer through the PHSA Leadership Academy. [You must be on the network to follow this link.]

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