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COI Review Process

If you are declaring no COI

If your COI declaration states that no conflict exists, your form will be automatically approved. You will receive an email confirming approval of your declaration. Please note that all COI declarations are subject to audit by PHSA's COI committee.

If you are declaring a COI

If you are declaring a COI, your declaration and management plan will be sent to a designated COI reviewer.

Reviewer guidelines

Reviewers are responsible for reviewing declarations with an identified COI. In reaching a decision about the proposed management plan, reviewers consider the applicant's roles, the nature of the research, and any interaction with human subjects. The more responsibility in research and at PHSA the researcher or research staff member has, the more scrutiny the reviewer will apply. Read PHSA's Reviewer Guidelines for more information about what reviewers must consider.

Levels of review

There are three potential levels of review for a COI declaration with management plan. Most reviews are completed by an initial reviewer, whose role is to decide if the management plan protects the integrity of the researcher or research staff member. The initial reviewer is selected by the health entity and usually is a department head, PI, or supervisor. This person is knowledgeable about the area of research they review.

If the initial reviewer cannot reach a decision, the plan is referred to a secondary reviewer for a second opinion and decision.

If the secondary reviewer also cannot reach a decision, the plan is referred to PHSA's Conflict of Interest Committee for final decision. The COI committee is also responsible for hearing appeals of reviewer decisions and for performing audits.

If your management plan is rejected

If your management plan is rejected at any stage in the review process, you will need to revise your plan and resubmit for review. You can also appeal the reviewer's decision to the COI committee.

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