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Breaking Free Online

Breaking Free Online (BFO) is an evidence-based substance use relapse prevention program which was developed in the UK by clinical psychologists. BFO is a web-based application which allows individuals immediate 24/7 access to anonymous, confidential and highly person-centred treatment.

Clients receive free access if they are registered before June 30, 2020. Clients can use BFO for 1 year.

When to use it 

  • BFO is tailored for individuals who have challenges with substance use and mental health
  • BFO is suitable for all learning styles
  • BFO is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, relapse prevention, reward & reinforcement, and motivational enhancement therapy
Best use 

  • BFO can be used by clients independently as a stand-alone intervention, or as clinician-assisted therapy, where clients are supported and guided by health practitioners or peer mentors 
  • BFO targets the underlying psychological and lifestyle factors that perpetuate addiction, including co-morbid mental health challenges. 
  • BFO directly addresses dependence on a wide range of substances, including alcohol, opiates, psychoactive substances and prescribed medications 
  • It provides users with an extensive toolkit of practical resources, coping skills, and evidence-based behaviour change techniques to support long-term recovery, through the use of audio, written and video content
Technical requirements

  • BFO can be accessed from a desktop computer or any mobile device, 
  • BFO is complemented by a Companion App, available for both Android and iOS devices
Privacy and Security 

  • Privacy review completed January 2019
Risk and limitation

  • Breach of security and/or privacy since BFO requires clients to create a user profile and enter personal information in to the system (e.g. nature of alcohol/drug challenges, areas of difficulty), there is potential for this data to be exposed in the event of a security breach


Step 1

Watch this 4-minute introduction video.

Step 2

Email for information and BFO implementation guidelines.

Step 3

Get ready for BFO

Providers to get ready for approaching their clients to use BFO.

Step 4

Clients can begin using BFO. Clients require an email address to register for BFO.

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