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WHITE Database

All of the Health Authorities. One database.

The Workplace Health Indicator Tracking and Evaluation (WHITE™) database is a web-based system that centralizes information on incident tracking and case management for the BC health authorities. The information enables the healthcare sector to reduce and/or eliminate workplace injuries, provide prompt clinical and workplace interventions to reduce disability and time loss, and evaluate the effectiveness of health and safety programs.

Similar to other industry sectors, healthcare decision-makers need reliable information regarding the health and safety of their workforce. This includes accurate and comprehensive data about injuries and illnesses occurring in the workplace, why they occur, their consequences, and the effectiveness of actions taken to address them. It is a standard practice to record injuries and forward the appropriate paperwork to the relevant authorities. In British Columbia, this is WorkSafeBC.

Prior to the introduction of the WHITE Database, a variety of paper and electronic systems were utilized in BC healthcare. These systems did not offer the centralization, consolidation or detail required for prompt analysis and action. Because they did not link information, these systems did not allow for comparisons across departments or facilities. In addition, health authorities rarely had easy access to data to monitor the follow-up of injured or ill workers in real time.

Development of the WHITE Database began in 2002, and all BC health authorities now use the system. 


The WHITE Database and its intent are fully supported by health employers and unions.

Featuring many layers of security, database information is only available to authorized persons with personal, non-transferable login and passwords that determine the information to be displayed to each system user (Occupational Health Professionals). This is in addition to health authority network security.

Data is used for research and analysis only, by each health authority.

For more information please contact Tony Gilligan at 604.297.8296.



The database has five modules with these key functionalities:

Incident Management Module

  • Records reported incident/injury details
  • Records the Investigator's Report (including identification of action items and corrective action timescales/completion)
  • Identifies primary cause, primary nature of injury and primary body part(s) affected

Claims Management Module

  • Electronic submission of WorkSafeBC Form 7
  • Electronic retrieval of WorkSafeBC Claims Costs
  • Records/tracks long term disabilities
  • Records/tracks return to work planning for time loss claims and long term disabilities

Disability Management Module

  • Records/tracks short term disabilities
  • Records/tracks intervention strategies
  • Records worker/workplace assessments and tracks treatments
  • Records/tracks duty to accommodate and return to work plans

Employee Health Module

  • Records worker baseline status, immunization and vaccination against infectious diseases
  • Records/tracks needlestick and BBF exposure information
  • Records worker allergies and sensitivities

HCW (Health Care Worker) Module

  • Records facemask fit test results
  • Records/tracks training and education records
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