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Early Language

Support your child by becoming involved

If your child has permanent hearing loss, it is important to become involved with early services to support communication and language. Your healthcare team is available to guide you every step of the way.  

Parents also tell us it is very helpful to talk with other parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and to meet adults who have grown up deaf or hard of hearing.  Your audiologist and early intervention team can help you make these connections through the Guide By Your Side program.


No one approach works for every child with hearing loss. 

Some children will benefit from using visual communication (i.e., sign language) as their primary language, while other children may use technologies such as hearing aids and/or cochlear implants to help develop spoken language. Some children will use a combination of visual communication, listening technology and spoken language. Families may start with one communication approach and then adapt or change the approach as they learn more about their child's strengths and preferences.

It is important to begin as soon as possible with an early communication specialist because babies' brains are programmed to begin learning language even before birth. It is more difficult for your child to catch up once there are language and communication delays. Involvement with qualified professionals will provide your family with information to help monitor and develop your baby's language.


Some children with hearing loss will benefit from the use of hearing aids while others may benefit more from a cochlear implant


Your child and your family will be supported by a team of professionals. In addition to regular contact with your Audiologist, key members of your team will be specialists in early communcation development (speech-language pathologist/educator of the deaf/listening and spoken language specialist) who have expertise in working with deaf and hard of hearing infants and young children. 


A Sign Language Instructor may also be a key team member for your family.





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