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Before Your First Day

Our policies and procedures are not just the do's and don'ts of our organization - they speak to our culture.

Here is the core information you need to know and review. Be sure you have completed all the necessary forms before your first day. 


‎We know that orientation is a long-term investment in a new employee. It’s one of the first touch points in the employee experience and can help set the right tone. Through orientation new employees gain a greater understanding of the organization’s culture, policies and expectations. With an effective orientation we can engage new employees’ right from the start—and set the stage for success.

PHSA’s New Hire Online Orientation:

  • Equips new hires with important information about our organization prior to their first day of work so that you (or designate) can focus on site, department or agency-specific orientation. 
  • Helps new hires develop a positive working relationship by building a foundation of knowledge about PHSA’s mission, objectives, mandatory policies, organization structure, and functions. 
  • Fosters an understanding of the organizational culture, its values, and its diversity. 
  • Helps new hires understand their role and how they fit into the whole organization. 
  • Ensures some of the required health and safety training (WSBC Regulation 3.23) is complete and understood prior to their first day of work. 
  • Assists with creating a consistent and coherent onboarding experience for all new employees.
Our new hire orientation is available online, accessible from any computer via the PHSA LearningHub:

  • New BCEHS CUPE employees, after registering for your LearningHub account, search for curriculum code # 8275: PHSA New Hire Orientation Curriculum for BCEHS CUPE Employees
  • New PHSA employees, after registering for your LearningHub account, search for course # 7537: PHSA New Hire Orientation Curriculum. 
Be sure to complete the orientation after you receive your employee details from your hiring leader. This will ensure that you are well prepared before your first day at your new job with PHSA.

PHSA is dedicated to keeping each of its employees safe and healthy. Before you begin any work, you are required to read the following document as part of your Safety Orientation. Your Hiring Manager will discuss all required safety training once you start.

All new PHSA & program employees attend an orientation as soon as possible after starting work. The orientation will provide an overview of PHSA and give more in-depth information about your program or department and your place of work. It is also an opportunity to meet your colleagues and to ask any questions that will help you feel settled in your role.


Call 1-866-922-9464 Monday to Friday 0700-1700.

  • All new workers, including those in non-clinical posts, MUST contact the Call Centre (1-866-922-9464) within two weeks of hire.
  • Live immunization history information is entered during a phone call with the new hire (based on up-to-date provincial and national guidelines). No paper forms are needed. The process is faster, quicker, and easier than completing a form and it can be completed from home or work in a confidential call. The call takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • Confirmation of immunization history and recommended vaccines are emailed to the new hire. Workers are directed to on-site immunization services, as needed. Workers are encouraged to keep personal health and immunity records up-to-date.
  • This is a mandatory requirement under the PHSA Baseline Immunity Assessment Policy. 

If you have been asked to complete a criminal record check as part of a condition of employment, please ensure you print the attached form, complete and mail or send through internal mail to CRC Inquiries #1795 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 6E3. 

You are required to complete and return this form before starting work.

 Payment is required by either completing the payroll deduction form (included in the pdf) or by requesting a cheque payment form through to pay by personal cheque. Please direct all inquiries to this email address. 

**Please do NOT send any forms directly to the Ministry in Victoria, BC**


As part of your orientation, please read through the eleven required PHSA and member program policies. The policies can be found on the PHSA Conduct & Ethics, Corporate Governance and Staff Influenza Resources pages. Here is a list of quick access links to the required PHSA and member program Policies:

Your new hire package will include a policy agreement which you will be required to sign indicating that you have read and agree to all of these policies.

If you are eligible for relocation assistance, please request the reimbursable expenses guidelines from your hiring manager. The Guidelines are located on POD (PHSA on Demand Intranet).




Depending on your employment status, PHSA provides employees with a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Health benefits, such as: medical services plan, dental, extended health, life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, and long-term disability
  • Pension plan (if eligible: inquire with your leader regarding which Pension plan applies to you, i.e.: municipal, public service, etc.)
  • Vacation and other paid and unpaid leaves

If you are eligible, you will have to complete and return a number of forms related to your compensation and benefits. All forms are referred to in the Employment Package Checklist, which you should have as part of your hire package. When you send your completed hire package back, please include a copy of your Social Insurance Card (SIN Card) along with a VOIDED cheque for direct deposit purposes, so you can be paid in a timely manner.

If you would like more information or require assistance, please contact the Benefits Support Line: 604-297-8683 or1-866-875-5306 or Email:


Dress code varies depending on your location, workgroup and discipline. If you are a corporate services employee, please check with your hiring manager as dress code may vary depending on location. If you work in a clinical unit, please inquire with your hiring manager regarding specific dress and scent protocol. When in a hospital setting, you have to wear closed-toe and closed-back footwear. Please ensure you read the Personal Protective Equipment form before you start work. (May not apply to all employees.)

In general, parking at most PHSA facilities is limited. We strongly encourage employees to use alternative and healthy methods of transportation, including public transit, walking or cycling. If you do intend to drive, please allow some additional time to locate parking. Ensure you review the "Maps & Floor Plans" section of our Intranet POD (PHSA on Demand) during your first week of work in order to become familiar with the various locations.

Using the PHSA/program address for the site you are going to, you can find:

If you’re concerned that you may require a vehicle for travelling to other PHSA/program sites, please note that inter-hospital shuttles operate between some PHSA sites. 

If you are a union member, click below to learn about your collective agreement before you start. You may wish to refer back here during your first few weeks.

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