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Martina Scarff enhances the online experience for patients, families and staff

Martina Scarff shows off her PHSA+ Award
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Martina Scarff has worked in some capacity for almost all of BC’s health authorities for the past 29 years. She is now PHSA’s online communications specialist, providing online/web content support services to agencies, programs and departments across the organization since 2009. 

Her latest claim to fame is the brand new POD intranet, which she project-managed from conception to implementation this past May. Martina’s focus on serving those who serve our patients and families, ability to work well with all PHSA staff and constant drive to do more with less make her a truly deserving recipient of a 2017 PHSA+ Award. Get to know more about Martina’s work below.

Congratulations, Martina, on your PHSA+ Award win! Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

I’m an online communications specialist in PHSA’s communications department. I help identify content and development needs on our external websites and on POD. A lot of my work involves consulting with staff about their online needs, providing advice from a strategic perspective and helping them navigate what their options are and what’s available for them to achieve their goals. I also ensure that PHSA’s web standards are met by supporting our hundreds of staff editors and page owners. 

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy finding out what staff need in a complex organization like PHSA. I like trying to figure out how I can help them get what they need, for free or at a low cost, by using the platforms and resources we have. It’s also what keeps me up at night! 

What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

It’s always fulfilling to see that the service or counsel I provide makes someone else’s job easier, helps them achieve their objectives or increases their ability to serve our patients, clients and families. In terms of the latest project, our new POD, I really like that I’ve been a part of something that so many employees access and use every day. 

Tell us - what has been your proudest moment at PHSA?

Being part of the Enterprise Web Initiative (EWI), which allowed me to work on a project team with corporate communications staff and IMITS to migrate and build 22 new external websites and now a brand new POD. The project is just wrapping up now. 

It was very challenging and our team had to be really innovative and flexible to complete everything within such short timelines. It was a lot to accomplish and as a result, we were able to create web products that are scalable, which lets us build new properties at little to no cost – a huge achievement when most funds are allocated to patient care. Also, I’m proud to have worked with all our staff editors on this project – it was a true organizational effort!

How do the PHSA values show up in your work?

I think that respecting people and cultivating partnerships are a constant when you work with as many staff as I do across varied job roles and departments. My goals and their goals don’t always align and you can’t move forward with anything if you don’t try to work respectfully and cooperatively with each other. “Serve with purpose” also resonates with me, because even though I’m not on the front line of patient care, I really want to help the staff that are. That’s what makes my work meaningful – knowing it serves those who care for our most important stakeholders, our patients and their families. 

Thank you, Martina, for consistently bringing something extra to our patients and our workplace – and congratulations again on this achievement!
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