Alternatives to Driving


Walking, cycling, taking transit and carpooling to work are all excellent options for commuters wanting to do their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Biking to Work

Biking to work is a great way to keep fit, save money and help the environment, all at the same time.

Cyclists in need of route information can find detailed maps for Richmond, Burnaby, and North Vancouver. Translink also provides comprehensive bike route and general cycling information for Greater Vancouver.

As well, the on-line cycling route planner is an excellent tool for people looking for the easiest and best route for biking to work or any other location.

Lower Mainland Health Authority Staff & Contractor Options

Many worksites offer bike storage and shower facilities.

Caged bicycle parking facilities are available at these PHSA workplaces:

  • BC Centre for Disease Control (application form)
  • BC Cancer Agency - Vancouver Centre (application form)
  • Children's and Women's Hospital (Go to Cashier's office at Crossroads to pick up key - deposit required)
  • Contact Bett Lauridsen at
  • Lionsgate Hospital (contact Plant Services for access)
  • Richmond Hospital (contact Plant Services for access)
  • St. Paul's Hospital (contact Plant Services for access)

Transit Passes

TransLink’s Employer Pass Program allows companies to offer discounted annual transit passes to their employees when 25 or more employees are enrolled in the program.

Employees of PHSA and VCH are eligible to purchase a subsidized annual transit pass for travel in the Lower Mainland. The TransLink Employer Pass Program  offers discounted annual transit passes through payroll deduction to regular full-time or regular part-time employees, who have completed their probationary period. Employees at PHSA and VCH receive a supplemental discount in addition to the employee pass discount. This provides an overall discount of approximately 25% less than the cost of purchasing standard monthly passes.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the Employer Pass Program.

For more information, or to enroll in the program,

- PHSA email or call 604-875-4111, extension 66511.

- BCMHAS (RVH/FPSC) employees may call 604-524-7556 for more information.

- VCH email

- FH email

- Providence email


Tax Credit

Since 2006, transit commuters are also eligible for a non refundable tax credit on the cost of monthly or annual transit passes. If you purchase a monthly transit pass, save your receipts or expired passes to be able to claim this credit.

Translink's website has many useful tools for trip planning in the Lower Mainland, and provides schedules, maps, and customer alerts.

For commuters in areas outside the Lower Mainland, BC Transit provides schedule and route information.


Through a free online database, Jack Bell Rideshare  helps drivers and passengers find ride-share partners for commuting to work, school and events. Visit the website to find out how you can save money and the environment at the same time.

PHSA Staff & Contractor Options 

Shuttle Buses

The Interhospital Shuttle offers free scheduled transportation between most major hospital facilities in Vancouver. Employees can leave the car at home and comfortably travel between hospital centres as necessary for work-related trips.


Passenger safety and keeping to the schedule are important components of shuttle service. The schedule is tight and the driver will not wait for riders or courier pick-up. Please be at the pick-up site a couple of minutes before the shuttle is due. All schedule times are approximate, depending on rush hour traffic and road conditions.

Interhospital Schedules.

Seating Priority

Hospital staff, physicians and medical-related grad students doing research have seating priority. Undergraduate medical students and graduate students going to class are welcome if space permits. In the early morning or late afternoon, the front seat(s) may be reserved until departure time for staff on staff business.

Courier Service

The shuttle will take any items that would normally be sent by outside mail or courier service. All items must have one of our labels attached. Phone 604-875-4118 for information about labels.

"Rush" packages should be handed directly to the driver, and the recipient should be alerted to pick them up at their destination. Packages not picked up from driver will be taken to the mailroom.

For any packages to Children's or Women's Hospitals, the recipient must be phoned to pick up items at Children's Emergency Admitting.

All northbound and southbound shuttles connect with the UBC/VGH shuttle.

If you need to connect with another shuttle, please arrive early and tell the driver, so that he will have enough time to call ahead to ask the connecting shuttle to wait.

Green Commuters Program

The Green Commuters program is designed to promote the use of sustainable forms of transportation for the commute to and from work. Registered program participants are eligible for prize draws and other mode-specific incentives. You will also receive information about other sustainability initiatives at PHSA. The program is offered to all PHSA and affiliated agency employees.

Register for Green Commuters program here.

For more information about employee commuting programs, contact Deming Smith.


    For more information, visit BC GreenCare

    Last Updated: Friday, May 09, 2014